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In Beijing tim(GMT+8) of Nov 18th, it was the time for the match between the host Brown Beer from Boston and the shark from   NHL OF 2015-1016 season San Jose. In this match, O.R.G obviously showed on the host billboard of Brown Beer of Boston in the NHL, and became the first Chinese enterprise shown on the NHL.
On Nov 18th, members of CAWE conducted the public welfare activities in the Xincheng geracomium of Tianzhen county of Shanxi Province.
On Nov 8th, O.R.G. signed the Agreement on share Sales with COFCO(Hong Kong), who was the share-holder of CPMC Holdings limited company( Abbreviated as CPMC packaging below). The founder Guan Yuxiang, chairman Zhou Yunjie, vice-Chairman Zhou Yuan, president Shen Tao, vice-president Wang Dong, leaders of COFCO(Hong Kong), like Zhang Xin, Huang Jin, Zhang Hui etc. took part in the ceremony. O.R.G. would issue 27% issued share with the value of 1,616,000,000 HKD to COFCO (or adjusting according to the Agreement of Share Sales to issue 25% issued share with the value of 1,616,000,000 HKD to COFCO), and this would be done in 4 months.
On Oct 22nd, Zhuang Zengda, the mayor of Pingdu city and deputy Secretary of the Municipal Committee of the CPC, Zhu Jiang and Xu Guangju, the deputy mayors, Yang Jun, the director of the Economic Development Bureau, and Xu Jun, the deputy director of the Development Zone Management Committee and others visited the O.R.G, and had a talk with Zhang Hong, the secretary of metal container committee of China Packaging Federation, Gao Shujun, the vice president and other important workers.
On Oct 21st,  the opening ceremony of Guangxi O.R.G.Xiangyuan Packaging Co.Ltd. was successfully held.
On Sep 10th, the 20th member conference of CCFIA was ceremoniously held in Beijing Jingxi Hotel. The conference was successfully held with the topics of “achievement, responsibility, inheritance, insight”, and on the meeting, enterprises members of CCFIA discussed a lot related to six topics “review, innovation, market, capital, cooperation and future”. Their discussion focused on the market environment, that the canned food was facing now, and also the development strategies about the industry’ future.
On Aug 7th, O.R.G(Gannan) packaging Co.Ltd. signed an agreement with FIRMUS Dairy Co.Ltd. in Beijing. Gannan Company would invest a can-making production line, which was specially prepared to provide different mental packaging can for FIRMUS.
In the afternoon of Aug 14th, when was the eve of the 25th Qingdao International Beer Festival, the ceremony of a strategic cooperation agreement about advanced packaging between Qingdao Beer and O.R.G was held successfully in Qingdao.
On Aug 25th, the Qr code conference of O.R.G, whose topic is “Qr code +ALL IN ONE”, was held in Foshan, Guangdong. Managers, like Zhou Yuan,the vice chairman of O.R.G and the president Shen Tao and others attended the conference, on which the experience and achievements about Qr code packaging were shared with everyone, that made people know well about the special function of Qr code products and their wide application.
On the BBS of International Youth campus football education and development, lasting from June 25th to June 27th, CEO Bai Qiang of Sports bar Sports and the vice chairman Zhou Yuan of O.R.G formally signed on the strategic cooperation agreement at the host of Huang Jianxiang, who is a famous commentator in China and also the co-founder of Sports bar Sports. They would make use of their accumulated resources, cooperate fully with each other and start comprehensive cooperation in all kinds of sports programs.
From June 1st to June 4th, Cannex &Fillex exhibition was held at International exhibition Centre of Guangzhou. The director of metal container committee of China Packaging Federation and the chairman of O.R.G Zhou Yunjie, the secretary of metal container committee attended the great exhibition at the invitation of the hoster-The Canmaker.
On May 18th, Longkou O.R.G Packaging Co., Ltd. held the grand opening ceremony. The founder Guan Yuxiang, Chairman Zhou Yunjie, Vice Chairman Zhou Yuan, President Shen Tao, the secretary of metal container committee of China Packaging Federation witnessed the great event with 200 distinguished guests from Longkou government, Red Bull, JDB, Tsingtao Beer, Nanshan Group etc.
On May 26th, O.R.G signed an agreement with people’s government of Chenchang district of Baoji city in Beijing. O.R.G would started to build twice-piece cans production line program in Baoji city in 2015.
On April 5th, the chief editor of China Packaging Industry, Wang Xiaoxuan, a journalist from China Food News, journalist Zhao Wei from Beijing Science and Technology News and other people came to O.R.G to make an interview. The chairman Mr.Zhou, vice-chairman Mr.Zhou, CEO Chengyufei, Vice-president and the secretary of the board Gao Shujun were interviewed in the media joint interview. These senior executives talked freely about the future development of the industry and the enterprise.
To promote the senior executives to improve the ability of change management and innovation, stimulate the strategic thinking of the participant, and update consciousness, which thus to accelerate the achievement of company’ goal, O.R.G organized an annual conference from Mar 25 to Mar 28, 2015, whose theme was “Change”.
On January 20th, O.R.G signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing Yiqing Food Group Co., Ltd. in Beijing Dragon Emblem Museum. They would establish a long-term strategic cooperation partnership to improve the overall operation efficiency and reduce operation cost on both sides, thus to implement their market expansion strategies and harvest good social benefits and return of investment.