Hainan O.R.G Packaging Industry Co., Ltd.
Entered in the packaging industry on December 1, 1994, Hai’nan O.R.G. Packaging Industry Co., Ltd. is the earliest established company among O.R.G. Packaging Co., Ltd. and is located in Qingyi Economic Development Zone of Wenchang City. With a registered capital of 22 million yuan and an area of 6,783 square meters, it mainly concentrated on the production of beverage packaging products.
At present, a long-term, friendly and stable cooperative partnerships has been established between the Hai’nan O.R.G. Packaging Industry Co., Ltd. and   famous enterprises in Hai’nan and even in nation such as Hai’nan Red Bull, Yezhidao, Qingquan and Hai’nan Island which has greatly developed the economy of Hai’nan Industry. It has been a new strength for the Hai’nan industrial enterprises. With the past years, the company has been awarded by the Hai'nan Province and Wenchang City for the honors, and it has gradually become the enterprise with good social benefits.
Hai’nan O.R.G. is a key part of the entire O.R.G. Group. On December 1, 1994, Hai’nan O.R.G. was established in Wenchang, and it has lifted the curtain that O.R.G. has entered into the packaging industry in China. On March 1995, the three-piece can made of tin plate was firstly created in Wenchang factory. At the same year, the first stage development plan of “One year for foundation, two years for stability, three years for development” was brought forward. In 1996, the strategic development goal of “The standardized management and planned development” was brought forward. At the same year, the first batch of Red Bull cans were delivered; on November 1997, the slogan of “Packaging the brand, famous brand with packaging” was put forward. The production capacity of Hai’nan factory has reached 80 million cans annually which made a new record of the same type of production line; in 1998, the ISO9000 project was launched; in 1999, the “The third startup” was implemented; the beginning of 2000, the slogan “Sprint 2000” was put forward. From 2003 till now, Hai’nan O.R.G. is keep on developing in a steady trend, and grows stronger and stronger . In 2005 and 2006, the new new can production line and two added new cap production lines were introduced with the company. In 2007 and 2008, the production scale had been greatly expanded, and more economic benefits had been created, More opportunities had been created and offered for the society. It makes the great efforts to contribute to the development of Hai’nan's industrial economy. Through the years, not only has the remarkable economic benefits are created, but also it has been enthusiastic about the Hai’nan's public welfare activities. What’s more, it actively takes participation of the Hope Project of Hai’nan and Wenchang. It has created the social benefits with good reputation, and set a good example among many enterprises in Hai’nan.
With the rapid development within three years, Hai’nan O.R.G. at present has achieved remarkable success in the Chinese packaging industry. With the past 17 years, Hai'nan O.R.G. has developed from the green hand of can production into a great economic entity of financial taxpayers in Hai’nan and local. Since 1996, it ranks tops among the top enterprises in Wenchang City in aspect of output value and tax payment. After 2001, it has been entitled as a provincial A-Class tax credit enterprise. To November of this year, the tax payment of a total of 8.94 million yuan has been paid by our company. Without support of the Hai'nan Provincial Government and the leading departments of Wenchang City, we cannot make such achievements. What’s more, it is also those quiet heroes all from O.R.G. that have made the efforts.
It is the twenty years of hardworking that has created the accomplishment of Hai'nan O.R.G.. Our company will stride forward to meet the next stage of brilliant achievements with continuous promotion and boosting of the industry, sprinting of the average product. To create a modernized packaging industry park. Pushing forward the goal of “Packaging the brand, famous brand with packaging” to the world, and fight for creating a world well-known and domestically advanced Chinese can enterprise.

Address: No. 1-26, Qibu Industrial Zone, Qinglan Economic Development Zone, Wenchang City, Hainan Province

Tel: 0898-63330080

Main business: three-piece cans