A Keynote Speech Given by Zhou Yunjie, the chairman of O.R.G., in the Media Cooperation Forum of “One Belt and One Road”.

On September 19th, 2017, Zhou Yunjie, the chairman of O.R.G. Packaging Limited by Shared, attended the media cooperation forum of “One Belt and One Road” held by People’s Daily and Gansu Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government and gave a keynote speech in regional cooperation summit of One Belt and One road.

  The chairman, Zhou Yunjie:

Distinguished leaders, guests, ladies and gentlemen,

The ancient Silk Road has a history of thousands of years, and the voice of camel bells is heard again. Today, I am very honor to share the development history of O.R.G. with all of you. And I expect to make use of this chance to discuss, communicate about how Chinese enterprises are better integrated into the construction of “One Belt and One Road” with you for cooperation and common development

The Jung (an ethnic group) converged into the metropolis. Merchants and envoys walked at the streets. Dunhuang is the place that has the special significance for merchants, and it is the important town for trading culture in Silk Road and witnessed the Chinese civilization and the legend of the Silk Road. As a represent, I sincerely hope that this regional media cooperation forum held by People's Daily will be the starting point for the innovative development and the transition of Chinese enterprises in the new era.

Recalling the development history of O.R.G., I have many thoughts and feelings. Combining with the development experience of O.R.G., I will talk about several views of the innovation and development of Chinese enterprises and the integration into the construction of “One Belt, One Road”.

First, under the leadership of innovate reform, O.R.G. will change the Made in China into Created in China.

O.R.G. Packaging Limited by Shared was founded in 1997. At the early stage, it mainly made cans, so it has the typical traditional manufacturing background. With the development of 20 years, it has become a large, modern and professional packaging enterprise with annual sales of more than 7 billion yuan which has the competitive advantages in product layout, supply chain, technical research and development, customer resource and quality control. In 2012, the packaging in O.R.G. has become the first metal packaging enterprise to enter A shares in China. "Gorgeous Turn" of O.R.G. depends on the technological innovation.

Innovation needs reform. Over the past 20 years, our company still develops and produces products of no differences in innovation, strives for achieving a diversified transformation from “control” to “sharing”. We have developed into the “solution provider of comprehensive package” through the integration and re creation of various patterns, such as brand management, packaging design, information service and so on. Entering the “Thirteenth Five-Year”, “Internet Plus” is leading the new development of China's economy. In 2015, we created the Internet Plus and intelligent packaging platform and assigned the only variable QR code and ID cards to the all products. In 2017, up to now, we have produced more than10 billion products with QR code, involving beverages, beer, canned goods, brine products, and other industries. From simple production to obtaining the value of date of flow, it is a microcosm in the road of innovation and transformation of O.R.G.

Meanwhile, O.R.G. will push the Chinese enterprises into international market with the open and win-win attitude.

In the past, O.R.G. could build its own business, which mainly relied on customer's orders. But the growth of customers is gradually increasing as the radix grows and the growth rate is gradually decreasing. To maintain the original growth rate, we only use the way of merger and acquisition to quickly enter the new market and new field, so as to get new customers and solve the problem of growth.

The main customers of O.R.G. are the international brands such as Red Bull, Tsingtao Brewery, Coke and so on. During the cooperation with our customers, we actively push the core competitiveness of the integrated services such as technology research and development, industrial chain coordination into the international market. And we are trying to develop QR code technology for beverage cans of Red Bull, which is the starting project in the field of intelligent packaging. At the same time, we signed a cooperation framework agreement with Grupo Empresarial de la Industria Sidero Mecánica in September 2016 and will officially build factories in Cuba. In the future, we will further implement and promote the internationalization strategy, and continue to improve brand awareness, comprehensive competitiveness and influence in the international market.

Finally, O.R.G. will expand enterprise development space with diversified layout.

With the rise of China Sports Industry, we attempt to explore the field of marketing management of the sports culture as the carrier, and establish the large platform of sport service and expand the packaging industry from industrialized production in the past to tertiary industry and realize the diversified transformation of the enterprise.


The main customers of O.R.G. are famous sponsors in the event fields such as Red Bull, Tsingtao Brewery, Jia Duo Bao, Coke and so on. Because of these sports elements, the company's gene combines with the sports industry into a very high agreement. Meanwhile, thanks to the support of state policy and the drive of market bonus space, we have begun providing more extensive service for customers, and use many years of operating experience, resources and the platform of listed companies to better play the role in the synergy of integration of industry and finance. In 2015, we invested in Sports8 and promoted the development of domestic football industry. In 2016, we carried out the strategic cooperation with the Boston Bruins which is one of the National Hockey League. In 2017, we set up a fully owned subsidiary of sports, which will gradually carry out the business such as hockey training, competition operation, the development of sports derivative product and so on.  

At present, the proposal of “One Belt and One Road” is seen as the top-level design of opening to the outside world and economic diplomacy, and it has also brought new opportunities for the development of enterprises. We are looking forward to becoming the practitioner of Chinese enterprises “going out”, the pioneer of Made in China from large to strong, and the disseminator of China development experience.

The construction of “One Belt and One Road” planned by China is not only to “going out”, but also to form the integration of infrastructure, rules and regulations and personnel exchanges in all countries, close the distance among countries in geographical space, physical space and institutional space, deepen and expand cooperation in investment and trade with other countries, and strengthen deep integration in economy, which will inject new impetus to achieve regional linking development and common prosperity.

A wide man who is good at planning should be better at seizing chance. O.R.G. expects to strengthen cooperation with the countries along the way of “One Belt and One Road so that more consumers from different countries and regions experience changes of science and technology to life.

I hope that all of you can give your concerns and supports to our development. O.R.G. will firmly remember our original aspiration and continue to march forward. Thank you!