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Zhou Yunjie
New Year Speech Delivered by Zhou Yunjie, Chairman of ORG Technology

Dear partners and colleagues:

Time goes fast, and we are now ushering in a new year. On this Spring Festival, on behalf of the company, I would like to extend my sincere wishes to all employees, partners and investors.

With the global outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, ORG has worked hard and is a witness to the unprecedented ups and downs of the global economy and a participant in the strong development and resilience of China’s economic development. In retrospect to the achievements we have made this year, we must first thank all our partners and colleagues, thank you for going through the ups and downs with us and joining hand in hand with us through this extraordinary period of time.

Next, ORG will usher in another round of major strategic development years. We hope that all the bustle will turn into a breeze and bright moon. We look forward to your “hand in hand cooperation” to create greater brilliance with us!


With the support of all partners and colleagues, ORG has been going all the way following the development concept of “brand-name packaging”. Relying on our national production capacity layout, one-stop service, and leading R&D and innovation capabilities, we have gained the trust of more and more domestic and foreign food and beverage brands, and have established comprehensive strategic partnerships with many outstanding companies.

In recent years, based on the judgment of macroeconomic trends and industrial cycle development, ORG has experienced a period of rapid capacity expansion and effectively improved its market share in consideration of improving business layout, optimizing customer structure, and increasing profitability.

 Ever ORG member knows the hard work!

At the end of the year, ORG has long been China’s largest enterprise in the field of three-piece cans and two-piece cans.

With the efforts of all the colleagues, in the three-piece can business, milk powder cans have become an important business growth point for ORG after functional beverage cans.

After the New Year’s Day, ORG initiated the acquisition of Jamestrong in Australia and became the exclusive supplier of A2 milk powder in New Zealand. Through the synergy of domestic and overseas industries and the synergy of advantages, ORG will strive to become the most important supplier and service provider in the global milk powder industry.

After completing the production capacity integration of Ball Asia Pacific, ORG’s two-piece cans business colleagues have further improved their production capacity management, with equally impressive results.

Since the past, ORG has begun the integration of the production capacity of two-piece cans, and has also completed the grand “tens of billions+” integration. Based on the progress of capacity integration, we have formulated short, medium and long-term business development goals. As the two-piece can business enters the profit cycle, the two-piece can will be an important carrier for us to continue to consolidate the competitive moat, optimize the customer structure and complete the expansion of basic business.

Most importantly, the filling business of ORG’s strategic layout has entered a profitable state.

The market has fully confirmed the original intention and perseverance of all of our colleagues. This is an affirmation of ORG’s deep transformation from a single packaging manufacturing in the past to a filling, design, and intelligent packaging industry chain.

Hard work will finally be paid off. The filling business will further realize the integration of resources of major brands for us. In addition, it will provide ORG with the best business interface for brand design, market development and product promotion cooperation with more well-known brands, regional platforms, and industry chain leaders. The development of the filling business will remain the top priority of ORG’s future strategy.


All ORG people stick to their original aspirations, and the achievements made in the three business units of three-piece cans, two-piece cans and filling have laid the foundation for our next strategic development.

In 2021, we have designed and formulated a new round of strategic development policy around the big health and big market.

At present, the world is undergoing major changes unseen in a century, and the creation of a major cycle of the domestic consumer market will bring historic opportunities. It is foreseeable that the Chinese consumer market will undergo a series of qualitative changes around the big health and big market.

Among them, “improving quality, increasing varieties, upgrading brands, and providing excellent services” will usher in the most important industry opportunity.

We realize that packaging is one of the most important ways to integrate product structure and enhance product value; packaging is one of the most important carriers to highlight health and green concepts; packaging is also one of the most important tools for mining new value logic from the traditional supply chain and industrial chain.

ORG is strategically developing into an “integrated packaging solution provider”, and has been deeply involved in the areas of brand planning, packaging design and manufacturing, filling services, and information-based auxiliary marketing. This brings us an important first-mover advantage for our next strategic development.

ORG’s new round of strategic development policy will focus on brand cooperation, regional cooperation and industrial chain cooperation.

According to the plan, ORG will rely on its advantages in technology research and development, manufacturing, brand building and marketing. In the future, ORG will not be limited to means such as brand cooperation or capital cooperation, from behind the scenes of the brand to the front end, and is committed to creating value brands with customers.

We have begun to prepare brand new strategic cooperation with some partners, and are committed to jointly discovering the “health elements” and “health value” of the Chinese market, and creating value portals through “brand-name packaging”.

We will also rely on ORG’s brand platform capabilities to actively develop agricultural assistance and agricultural assistance projects, and open up the “last mile” from characteristic agricultural products to branded products. In this way, we can promote the development of agriculture, rural areas and farmers and the “double harvest” of economic value in multiple regions, and truly create a market-competitive value chain.

The new strategic cooperation is based not only on our deep understanding of the development trend of the big market, but also on our deep development of traditional Chinese culture and concepts. 

No matter how high the mountain is and how deep the water is, we will always have a way to go. In the future, we will continue to use listed companies as the industrial platform, actively promote further expansion and development, and strive to become the definer and practitioner of the concept of “new packaging” in the Chinese market and even the global market.


ORG’s “model advantage” and “business advantage” have always come from the continuous accumulation of “profound cooperation” with major customers.

As a member of China’s real economy, we will earnestly fulfill the responsibilities of listed companies and promote high-quality development of enterprises. This is an important strategic direction for us to continue “in-depth cooperation” with major customers in the future.

Creating green packaging projects and providing green empowerment for brands will be the top priority of our future development and the “new momentum” for future development of ORG.

On the one hand, ORG will rely on the industry’s leading advantages to extensively carry out recycling businesses, leading the creation of a green cycle in China’s packaging sector; on the other hand, ORG will rely on its own technological advantages to participate more widely in the development of green and healthy products.

In the field of coated iron alone, we have more than 40 patents and the world’s leading independent technical property rights. Based on this technology, the packaging can be recycled and reused. These technologies will be an important business starting point for ORG to fulfill its social responsibilities and promote the green upgrade of the industry in the future.

In this area, we have started a series of effective work.

In the future, we are willing to join hands with more industry partners to bring the concept of green and health into more fields. Relying on ORG’s technical advantages, we will provide more diversified and green products and services beyond the packaging field for more brands, regional and industrial chain leaders.

From spring to autumn, everything will prevail, and the mountains and rivers will last forever. The green concept is the concept of responsibility, which will always run through ORG’s business development chain and effectively serve China’s “clean water and green mountains” strategy. This will also be the “destination” of ORG.

Chairman : Zhou Yunjie