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2017 Fiscal Year Blessings

In 2017, the 5th year of listed O.R.G, the operating income reached 7.3 billion yuan, and it is 6 times by 2008 when the company prepared for the listing. In the aspect of scale and profitability, It has become one of the leading companies in the domestic metal packaging industry business. In the continuous efforts for 5 years, the company has historically transformed from the traditional metal packaging manufacturers to FMCG integrated service providers, widely providing integrated packaging comprehensive solution including high-tech packaging design, manufacturing and comprehensive customer service. The flourishing benign pattern of well-known customers including functional beverages, herbal tea, beer, protein beverages, milk powder, ketchup and other major categories of fast-moving consumer goods is created.

2017, operating environment for the company amidst the winds of change: the growth pattern of fast-moving consumer goods industry has rapid changed from quantitative to structural, and the realization of large-scale new customers gets noticeably harder; the prices of major raw materials have increased sharply, and the cost pressure has increased; though the price of two-piece reaches the lowest standard but it has far out recovered to a fair level, and there is no relieve for the operating pressure; the collaboration disputes come out between the core customer Red Bull, and the capital market is repeatedly fluctuated for this reason. Therefore, in 2017, the performance of O.R.G was inevitably showed its first decline since its listing.

Confronting risks, the wise man changes from time to time, and the knower creases following the things.

As the Chinese economy in the shifting period of growth, there is the coexist of the risks and opportunities for the ever-changing packaging industry. After the rapid growth of operating income is not the only purpose for the O.R.G, but how to turn to a new stage of high-quality development is the key; for the collaborative disputes of Red Bull, O.R.G admired the 20 years continuous efforts and wisdom for the development of the Red Bull brand in China by the relevant parties, and the efforts to actively implemented the short-term strategic shutdown to support the relevant parties to solve the problems in the first quarter of 2017. Until now from last year, it offered the good service guarantee for the good market performance of Red Bull. O.R.G believes and expects the final solution within the rational and win-win range, and meanwhile, it dedicates to continuously enhance its service capabilities and better get used to various possible new business models ; For the pressure brought by increasing costs, the automation transformation, standardized lean production management reform and supply chain system improvement extended by O.R.G has achieved the great cost reduction and efficiency gains. The concept and actions of management optimization always needs progressing.

Confronting opportunities, the gentleman hides his weapon and waits for them to move.

When facing the pressure, the innovation spirit of O.R.G gains a lot of energy, enabling the company always on the road with stability and long distance:

As the schedule, advanced factories have been put into production. In 2017, the world's most advanced packaging and filling complex was officially put into operation in Xian’ning. The Baoji two-piece can factory was put into operation in the same year. The initial planned production layout at the beginning of the listing of O.R.G has been completed, and it has established a hardware foundation of national service for customers.

The development of strategic customer gains large achievements. In 2017, with the differentiated and high-end product service capabilities represented by special-shaped three-piece cans, slimming tanks and aluminum cans, O.R.G has attracted the communication and cooperation of hundreds of customers, and the strategic achievements will be scaled up in 2018.

The smart packaging business has gained the significant progress. In 2017, O.R.G firmly caught the hold of the trend opportunities including the new consumption era and the Winter Olympics. Based on information network technology and organic collaboration with sports platforms, O.R.G provided customers with intelligent packaging integrated services, and this service has become one of the mainstay businesses of the company;

In the future, O.R.G will also fulfill the responsibility of industry-leading companies, actively participate in the integration of the packaging industry, promote the improvement of the industry market order and the improvement of profitability, making it possible for enterprises with traditional supporting services to shape their brand influence.

Since the listing of O.R.G, without reducing its holdings, the shareholder has continued to increase its shareholding of the company. It has always supported O.R.G to confront the challenge and seize the opportunity; no matter it is the adversity or chances, the shareholders actively contribute ideas and exert efforts, and support the company's development; reviewing the 20 years rapid growth of O.R.G, it is the continuous support and trust of many excellent core customers that O.R.G's profits are offered by the customer's product price space and the capabilities of O.R.G is promoted by high standard requirements of customers. Without forgetting this, O.R.G will continue to advance with the times. By adhering to the principle of providing customers with the most optimized services, continue to carry out product innovation and business model innovation, and always provide industry-leading quality products and services, thus Provide better returns to all shareholders.

Not planning for the overall situation, there is the loss of Jingzhou. Not going through thoroughfare, there is the loss of Maicheng; taking  the situation into account and being determined to innovate, then there is the achievements of Sichuan, Chibi, and remaining invincible. It is believed that, services are the key for customers, and the business dispute is only a win-win situation, and the success of enterprise relies on the innovation, moving forward with all this.

Chairman : Zhou Yunjie