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From December 23 to 25, 2020, the 40th Anniversary Conference of China Packaging Federation and the Packaging Industry Summit Forum was held in Boao, Hainan. The conference released the list of "Top 100 Enterprises in Packaging Industry", "Excellent Enterprises" and "Industry Science and Technology Innovation Projects and Individuals" in 2019. OGR Technology Co., Ltd. won the title of Top 100 Packaging Enterprises in China; Chairman Zhou Yunjie won the 40th anniversary of the association's outstanding achievement award. Vice President Chen Yufei won the third prize of packaging industry science and technology; The founder of this company Guan Yuxiang was selected into the "China Packaging Hall of Fame" list.
On December 8, 2020, China Packaging Federation selected the 2019 annual packaging industry excellence award and the list of top 100 enterprises announced, among which OGR Technology Co., Ltd. was rated as the Excellent Award of Packaging Industry Enterprises in 2019 and the second place of Top 100 Enterprises. Chen Yufei, Senior Vice President of OGR Technology Co., Ltd., was named the 2019 Individual Excellence Award in the Packaging Industry.
On October 28, 2020, "The Canmaker of The Year" award ceremony was held. The company designed and developed two different innovative metal cans "new oil tank" and "digital relief tank", which respectively won two awards "Three Pieces of Food Tank Bronze Award" and "Decoration & Printing Quality Silver Award".
From October 26 to 28, OGR Technology Co., Ltd. Chen Yufei, Senior Vice President, and Bai Jianguo, Director of R&D Center, were invited to attend the Bird's Nest Industry Annual Conference 2020 hosted by the Bird's Nest Market Professional Committee of the National Federation of Urban Agricultural Trade Centers in Xiamen. Bai Jianguo delivered a keynote speech on the industry forum entitled Metal Packaging to Protect Bird's Nest Products.
On September 24, 2020, OGR Technology Co., Ltd. held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony with Feihe Dairy Group in Reignwood Building. Zhou Yuan, Vice Chairman of the Board of Office of ORG; Shen Tao, President; Chen Yufei, Senior Vice President; Zhou Yunhai, Vice General Manager of the milk powder can business unit; Ma Zhimin, Vice General Manager of the milk powder can business unit; Vice President Liang Ai 'mei, Purchasing Director Wei Qingmei, Purchasing Department Manager Liu Yanxia and Purchasing Department Manager Wei Pingying attended the signing ceremony.
From September 9 to 11, 2020, the "Digital Embossment and Bronzing Technology" of ORG was awarded the "Technology Innovation Award" at the 16th Annual Packaging and Printing Conference in Suzhou.
On August 13, 2020, OGR Technology Co., Ltd. and Tiandi No.1 Beverage Co., Ltd. signed the strategic cooperation agreement at the headquarter of Tiandi No.1 Group in Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province. Zhou Yuan, Vice President of OGR Technology Co., Ltd., and Ma Binyun, Vice President and General Manager of Two Pieces Cans Business Unit, Tiandi No.1 Beverage Co., Ltd. Director Wang Guang, Executive Vice President Zhou Xuefeng, Vice President Xiong Xianping and other leaders attended the signing ceremony.
On August 11, 2020, the company held a press conference of Food Can Strategic Development White Paper in Shanghai. The meeting further clarified the company in the food can market development goals and planning through the wide use of new materials and actively exploring new business models, so that the food can business become a new point of strength of the company. Zhou Yunjie, chairman of ORG technology, stressed at the conference that "we will learn from our successful experience in milk powder cans, giving full play to our strengths in the research and development of coated iron, and create new growth in the food cans market through product innovation and business model innovation". Vice President Zhou Yuan, President Shen Tao, Vice President and General Manager Chen Zhongge, Vice President Zhang Liangde, Food Cans Project Department and the heads of each production plant attended the meeting.
On July 6, 2020, On behalf of ORG, the founder of ORG Technology Co., Ltd. Guan Yuxiang, the director of human resources and administration Chen Yin, and the president of the labor union Ma Jianqiu donated 2000 boxes of mineral water to the Red Cross of Huairou District to support the epidemic prevention and control work of the Health Committee of Huairou District, Quanhe Street and Longshan Street, and to show sympathy to the people who have been working hard on the front line of fighting the epidemic since the outbreak of Xinguan.
On May 8, 2020, Meng Xiangwei, Secretary of Xianning Municipal Party Committee, Yang Liangfeng, Member of Standing Committee of Xianning Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of Party Working Committee of Xianning High-tech Zone, Tan Haihua, Vice Mayor of Xianning High-tech Zone, Xia Fuqing, Director of Management Committee of Xianning High-tech Zone, and Chen Jin, Deputy Director of Xianning High-tech Zone, went to Hubei Org Can Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to visit and research and help enterprises to solve practical difficulties.
On March 31, 2020, Sun Chunlan, Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Vice Premier of the State Council and leader of the Central Guidance Group, led the guidance group to visit Hubei ORG Packaging Co., Ltd., Hubei ORG Beverage Co., Ltd. to investigate the resumption of work and production.