Products & Services
Technological Strength
  • Development and Application Technology of Differentiated Metal Can Product
    Mainly applied in differentiation and innovative packaging of food and beverage, it has started a new era of differentiated metal packaging in China. It offered the integrated services including packaging planning, design, production, filling, technical services and so on.
  • Research and Application of QR Code Technology
    Mainly applied in food and beverage packaging including metal three-piece cans, two-piece can bottoms, can bodies and inner sides of pull rings. The company has become enterprise in the packaging industry of fast-moving consumer to offer the overall solution with QR code/digital code smart packaging for the customers.
  • Research and Application Technology of Coated Iron Materials
    Mainly applied for the foods of non-bisphenol A, environmental protection, corrosion-resistant and beverage packaging. and fills the gap in China.
  • Research and Application of Double Reduced material (DR material) Products
    It mainly researches the processing technic of materials which are thinned to be rounded, canned, rolled and sealed, and applied in food and beverage packaging to save the cost of canning.
  • life Research Technology of Packaging Product Shelf
    It mainly researches the product shelf life and ensures the product Research Technology of Packaging Product Shelf.
  • Research Technology for Hazardous Materials Migration Behavior of Packaging Products
    It mainly researches the migration rules of hazardous materials in the color printing tinplate, metal three-piece cans and packaging contents to ensure the safety performance of products. and it has established simulation software for the migration of hazardous materials in metal three-piece cans in the world, and obtained software copyright.