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Two-Pieces Cans
With an annual production capacity of 13.5 billion cans, there are eleven manufacturing bases of the two-piece can business department. The production lines are in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Guangxi, Shandong, Shanxi and Hubei. The products includes beer, carbonated beverages, functional beverages, vegetable protein beverages, plant beverages, fruit vinegar beverages, fruit and vegetable juice beverages, Alcopop, ready-to-drink tea drinks, i.e drinking coffee, condiments, milk-containing drinks, etc.
Annual Production of Two-Pieces Cans
Manufacturing Bases
Innovation-led benchmark for the entire industry
With continuous innovation and development, the two-piece can business department advocates advanced business collaboration model, and constantly seeks new technology. In domestic and international first-class brands, it has received the reputation and deep cooperation including Tsingtao Brewery, Budweiser, Yanjing, Snowflake, Coca Cola and Pepsi, Danone, Amway, Tongyi, Ichimore, Eros, Jiaduobao, etc. Meanwhile, in order to expand a broader market for customers and form a differentiated advantage, O.R.G moves forward with ambition. In the Hubei factory, it has not only put into the two pieces of slimming cans, bottle cans, cans manufacture, matching filling production lines, but also it has realized the high-definition printing, digital printing, multi-version printing of two-piece cans. It sets a benchmark of creativity in the whole industry.
Three-Pieces Cans
With an annual production capacity of about 9 billion, the three-piece cans business department has 14 manufacturing bases. The production bases are in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu, Hubei, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Fujian, Guangdong, Hainan and Heilongjiang. The products are functional beverages, plant protein beverages, milk drinks, fruit and vegetable juices, ready-to-drink tea drinks, ready-to-drink coffee, formula milk, beer, ketchup, condiments, canned fruits, canned seafood, canned meat, brewed drinks, etc.
Annual Production of Three-Pieces Cans
Manufacturing Bases
“Packaging the brand, marketing the brand”
With the operation philosophy of “Packaging the brand, famous brand with packaging”, and the active collaboration with domestic first-line brands including Red Bull, Yili, Dali Park, Want Want, Junlebao, Feihe, the three-piece can business division actively develops and cultivates customers with good quality. In order to continuously expand the market share, taking the advantage of the features of diversified three-piece cans and differentiated products, it develops and promotes new products and models without stop to cope with the rapid market changes in the food and beverage fast-moving consumer goods industry.
Improving production efficiency and reducing production costs
With the aim of improving production efficiency and reducing production costs, the three-pieces can business division highly values the research and promotion of lean production projects. Over the years, it has achieved outstanding results in the consumption of raw materials, the utilization rate of production lines, the training and streamlining of operators, and the technical reform of production equipment. In terms of quality management, it strictly enforces ISO9001 quality management system requirements, builds and implements enterprise technology standards which are higher than the industrial level, therefore its product quality is better than the industrial average.
Filling Business Division
There are 6 production and manufacturing bases of the filling department,with the annual output of 2 billion cans. The industries are located at Hubei,Liao’ning, Yun’nan, Hai’nan, He’nan, Sinkiang and other regions. There are manyinternational advanced production lines and many sets of inspection and testingequipment. It mainly engages on the filling of carbonated beverages, teabeverages, juice drinks, plant beverages, milk-containing beverages, healthcare and other beverages. The filling production line is equipped with betterindustrial chain, business supporting abilities and better independent filling abilities.Based on the advanced equipment, excellent technology and the good strength of researchand development, it will create conventional products with good quality,therefore promoting the integrated service abilities and providing better andmore professional products and services with the customers.
Annual Production of Three-Pieces Cans
Manufacturing Bases
“Comprehensive beverage filling solution provider”
With the operation philosophy of “Comprehensive Beverage Filling Solution Provider” and the active collaboration with domestic first-line brands including Amway, Jiaduobao, Danone, Dongpeng Special Drink, Riga, and Uniform, etc., the filling division actively develops and cultivates customers with good quality, and continuously expands the market share.
Served the needs of the new age and created innovative driving forces.
In order to keep up with the demand of differentiated and high-end development for high-quality customers in Chinese market, ORG served the needs of the new age and created innovative driving forces. The company has obtained the food production license SC, and has passed the certification of SGS quality management system ISO9001, environmental management system ISO14001, and food safety management system FSSC22000.