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We are? Innovative QR Code Data Marketing
Quan Code Tech is a company controlled by ORG, it integrates various kinds of resources, collects consumer data, creates user portraits through the marketing campaign of “one good with one code”, to provide big data services for fast-moving consumer goods brands, and accurately taps into levels of low, medium and high users to support online marketing, channel management, and terminal control. It also provides favorable data reference for product invention, brand promotion, and marketing decision-making, so as to enhance the company’s overall competitiveness.
Pushing The Limits of Time and Regions
Packaging-based QR code marketing does not confined to the limitations of time, regions and portability, which achieves multi-channel marketing across time, regions and screens.
Implement Marketing, User Experience
Use the can body as a carrier for campaign promotion, and the QR code as an event entrance to allow consumers to quickly participate in brand interaction to enhance user experience.
Data Monitoring, User Portrait
By real-time monitoring of marketing results such as code scanning data, product marketing, and market reaction, integrating multiple resources, and sketching user portraits, to provide powerful data for secondary and accurate marketing
What Are Our Advantages?
Based on different fast-moving consumer products, we not only provides different brand interactive experiences for customers, but also develops potential customers for fast-moving consumer products with the help of strong big data platform fulfilled by "one good with one code", using Wechat official account to attract more clients, and online store for credits exchange. By above ways we could develop targeting customers into heavy users!
Product Promoting Sales Monitoring
Completed promoting sales monitoring from production, sales to consumption
Channel Distribution Control
Effective control of market reaction to products and the response speed of promotion
Real-Time Sales Feedback
Real-time feedback of where and when the product is consumed and who is the buyer
Integration of Various Kinds of Resources
Joint marketing of online and offline products, sharing of various kinds of resources
User Grading Management
Develop different levels of consumers and adopt customized and targeted marketing strategies
Precision Big Data
Collect customer information and sketch user portraits based on the interactive experience of "one good with one code"
Case Study
The QR code activity of Red Bull was launched. There are promotional products of Red Bull with the value of 1.056 billion yuan invested in the entire event. The red packets contains 200 million yuan. The promotion lasted for 8 months. The daily participation has reached a million-level event, and the coupon collection rate is as high as 95%, it has fully ignited the sales market.
The promotion with the Jiaduobao theme was launched. There are promotional products with the value of 600 million invested. The red packets contains 109 million yuan. The promotion lasted for 8 months. There are 33.73 million times visiting of the the lottery draws of the carousel, 24.87 million electronic prizes are distributed, and 3.7 million mobile users are obtained