Culture & Sports Industry
Product Description
“Bringing In” and “Going Out”
As a practitioner of promoting the integration of Chinese ice hockey with the resources of international quality ones, in the past two years, ORG Packaging has continuously integrated high-quality resources such as United States NHL, adopting a development model combining “bringing in” and “going out” to actively explore new development paths for ice hockey. With positive explorations and attempts over the years, ORG Packaging has gradually developed a set of relatively comprehensive marketing strategies for ice hockey.
Continuous Integration of International Quality Ice Hockey Resources
ORG develops the sports industrial layout ahead of the market, with its cooperation with the world's ice hockey institutions such as the NHL, and in-depth cooperation with domestic social sports, campus sports, professional sports veterans and institutions to accumulate integrated marketing resources of ice hockey, which can provide strong base support to accomplish strategic conception of the ice hockey project.
Exerting Force on Ice Hockey Youth Cultural Exchange and Educational Training
On the basis of continuous integration of international high-quality ice hockey resources, ORG has also began positive explorations and attempts on various aspects such as ice hockey youth training, event sponsorship, and international ice hockey cultural exchanges, which has traversed a unique development path.
The Co-Development Of Packaging Main Business And The Sports & Culture Industry, Explore IP Marketing For Ice Hockey
Taking “Want Want 88” commemorative can as an example, it is launched after ORG signed the contract with Boston Bruins forward David Pastrnak. As Want Want’s products are mainly targeting teenagers but are rarely associated with sports, through ORG's sports industry layout, sports IPs that are highly relevant to teenagers are introduced into “Want Want products” to further enhance user stickiness and boost their brand promotion.
Aozhong Ice-Sports Club
In order to support the establishment of "Name Card of Ice Hockey" for Beijing City, ORG Sports has built a standardized and modern ice training base at the Beijing Crab Island Resort in Chaoyang District, Beijing - Aozhong Ice Sports Club, which is a multi-functional professional ice rink covering an area of 7,000 square meters and with 12,000 square meters as building area. It is equipped with physical therapy and rehabilitation centers, video training rooms, and star training apartments etc., which provides completed, high-level and professional protection for international teams. In addition, there are also other all functional supportive facilities, such as 8 changing rooms, 400 square meters of land training grounds, NHL museums and authorized stores (Pro-Shop) etc. It can be said that it is one of the few professional and comprehensive ice sport center in the country.