Analysis Tester
Beijing-HuairouBachelorNumbers Of Recruiting: 1
Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the inspection of various samples sent by the laboratory;
2. Responsible for the protection and maintenance of laboratory instruments;
3. Responsible for issuing the material testing reports, filing and managing the various related data;
4. Take part in the research and development of new methods for material testing;
5. Other temporary duty assigned by superiors.

Job Requirements

1. Have the good command of the basic knowledge, with a certain acknowledgement of food, packaging, coatings, plastics and other packaging;
2. Develop and carry out the relevant testing and testing plans without receiving the help from others;
3. With serious research spirit, able to conduct the analysis upon the problem;
4. Have a good command of the communication skills and writing skills;
5. Strong learning and innovation ability;
6. Have a good command of the English reading and writing.