Shaoxing O.R.G Packaging Industry Co., Ltd.
Established in Shaoxing Paojiang Industrial Zone known for “Jiangnan Pearl”, “The home of silk”, “Culture of the State” and “Hometown of Celebrities” in 2006, Shaoxing O.R.G. Packaging Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the subsidiaries of the Packaging Group. The company is equipped with five high-end resistance welding can production lines and first-class testing instruments imported from Switzerland,and Taiwan. With the annual capacity of 130 million yuan, it mainly engaged on the production and sales of metal food cans. The current main customers are: Tropical, Sunwalk, Today, Showco, Haixing and so on.
Shaoxing O.R.G. Packaging Industry Co., Ltd. is a domestic enterprise. The legal representative of the company is Shen Tao. The registered capital is: 4,371.693 million yuan, there are 50 employees, of which technicians accounting for 20%. The covering areas are: 17,317 square meters. Construction areas are: 14203.51 square meters. The single-storey factory areas with steel structure are 8288.60 square meters.
Keep on the company culture construction, it accords with the enterprise spirit of “Progress, innovation, integrity and harmony”; establishing the enterprise tenet of “People-oriented, serving the country through industry”; complying with the quality policy of “Outstanding talents, excellent technology, good-quality products and services” and eight quality management principles. Applying the idea of “Packaging the brand, famous brand with packaging” throughout the overall business activities.


Address: Intersection of Sanjiang Road and Yuewang Road, Paojiang Industrial Zone, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province

Tel: 0575-88156585

Main business: three-piece cans