Canned Fresh Beer Make You from Heaven to the Earth | ORG Fresh Beer Cans Attitude is What You Toasted

Hot summer, the Olympic Games in full swing exciting

How can you watch the game without the cool and mellow beer?


Fresh beer to go from Sunrise East Kempinski Hotel Beijing

Fermented for 45 days and preserved for 180 days

The wine has a fine golden color and a fine body

The palate is soft and sweet ~


It restores the sweet and full taste of natural yeast in wort

It's fresher than old beer

It retains the original active amino acid

Let each bite of fresh vitality

Ice before drinking, plus more than a little joy ~

Drops into the soul, mouth back incense!


The differentiation of packaging can - cup can - is provided by the packaging

Slender differentially cupped body

The happy cells in the skin texture of every inch of the palm

Use a unique pot shape that's different from the rest of the world

Make collisions out of the joy of winning every time ~

For happy refill, refueling for the athletes!


650ML fresh beer can, easy to carry

Anytime and anywhere, say goodbye to dull, comfortable taste ~


ORG's 5L large capacity "club" beer keg, invite a couple of friends to watch the game

Barbecue and crayfish accompany, share the proud and happy together ~

This summer, a relaxing pull, fresh wine will come ~

Every time you raise your glass, the ORG beer can makes all the difference

As a trendsetter

This exclusive summer cool is so comfortable!