The Luncheon meat that we misunderstood in those years

In the past,

Luncheon meat is a delicious food that makes our mouth water.


In my memory, I opened the tin cover of luncheon meat with the beautiful mood of opening the blind box.

On the tender, greasy luncheon meat,

It’s really delicious to dig a big spoon of the picture

Across the screen, I seem to recall the beauty of opening the can of luncheon meat when I was a child~


But I don’t know when

Luncheon meat has slowly become a memory of childhood food

Now it’s full of “negative energy”.

In fact, canned luncheon meat has been ignored and misunderstood by us for years

Just like a “wronged” little daughter-in-law

Misunderstanding 1: luncheon meat is starch


China’s national standard stipulate that

Luncheon meat is a kind of canned compressed minced meat

The meat of livestock and poultry is the main raw material

It is made by adding starch and spices in a certain proportion.


It is obvious from the standards that

Luncheon meat is a kind of meat,

The important thing to say three times, the main raw material of luncheon meat is still meat!

Even, in some high-quality luncheon meat, the meat content is as high as 90%!!!

90% meat content, that’s me~

Magicool luncheon meat,

It is meat everywhere.

The meat is safe and traceable,

The meat is mellow but not greasy.


As for why starch is added in luncheon meat?

It is because an appropriate amount of starch is added combined with protein and water

It will make luncheon meat have better water retention and tender taste.

Misunderstanding 2: long shelf life, all preservatives


To those who say that luncheon meat has a long shelf life and is all preservatives,

Here again, we will mention the principle of can making

After the raw materials are canned and pasteurized,

Most of the microorganisms in the food are killed.

After exhaust treatment, the tank is in a vacuum state.

Without oxygen, microorganisms are difficult to breed.

The shelf life is naturally longer!

Therefore, as long as the luncheon meat cans produced by regular manufacturers

There’s no need to worry about preservatives at all

After all, preservatives are also costs. Why increase the cost if the process is good?

Even if there is, it is fully in line with national regulations. Don’t worry!

It’s me again.

Magicool luncheon meat with no preservative

Advanced technique makes it safer to eat!


Misunderstanding 3: luncheon meat has no nutrition


As for those who say luncheon meat is not a kind of nutritious food

What needs to be popularized here is pasteurization

This is a sterilization method that uses lower temperature to kill bacteria and try to maintain the original quality.

The range of low temperature is from 70 ℃ to no more than 120 ℃.

The oil temperature of 50-60% of our daily cooking can generally reach 150-180 ℃.

Stir fry? It is conceivable that the temperature must be higher

Higher temperatures mean that the structure of nutrients will be destroyed.

Cans are not only sterilized at low temperature, but also retain nutrition and taste to the greatest extent.

It is still in vacuum sealed state after sterilization.

Nutrient loss is lower than that of food exposed to air

Despite so much that has been said,

In fact, what I want to say is the safe and nutritious luncheon meat.

It can not only be used as daily table food,

We can also develop more fancy eating methods.


The blind box of luncheon meat bag looks very attractive, doesn’t it?

Luncheon meat can also be used as an emergency food in extraordinary times.

Whether it’s during a major disaster or an emergency, it’s inconvenient to purchase food.

Luncheon meat is the preferred emergency food

It is full of meat content, rich nutrition and long shelf life

It can satisfy your mouth and stomach at any time.

As the saying goes, there are disappointments in life,

Only food can live up to it~

See? The Ministry of Commerce has sent a letter to inform the storage of daily necessities


So what are you waiting for? Luncheon meat, hoard it~