Chairman Zhou Yunjie inspected Youban Regeneration: “waste free city” is the responsibility, looking forward to the future is urgent!
Continuous and in-depth integration into the industrial chain, supply chain and value chain to promote the stronger, green and healthy development of the industrial chain, supply chain and value chain is an important path for enterprises to fulfill their social responsibility.
The prospect and exploration of enterprises under the goal of “carbon compliance and carbon neutrality” is not the increase of enterprise cost, but an important direction for enabling innovative enterprises to seek the second growth curve.
On November 2, Zhou Yunjie, Chairman of ORG, visited Youban Zhirui Renewable Resources Co., Ltd. in Shangyu District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province to inspect the specific situation of Youban regeneration’s recycling project.
As early as October 2020, ORG joined forces from all walks of life to set up the first “packaging recycling center” - Youban Regeneration in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, as the “waste free city” pilot in China.
Youban Regeneration is the practice of ORG to promote the “circular economy” production mode and realize the green, functional and intelligent development of products. At the same time, this is also an important strategy for ORG to use a number of major key new technologies to reshape industrial advantages, burst out industrial vitality and promote the sustainable development of enterprises.
Shen Chenming, General Manager of the company, and Xu Hui, General Manager of Shangyu Renewable Resources Company accompanied the business inspection.

Advocate green circulation and establish professional UBCyouban regeneration

According to scientific calculation, recycling an abandoned aluminum can saves 20% of capital and 90% - 97% of energy than manufacturing a new can.
In fact, this data also provides an important reference for the development of ORG on the new development road of “tradition + innovation”.
Youban Regeneration’s recycling project and professional UBC recycling and green recycling alliance are jointly established by ORG holding, Dazheng aluminum, a famous domestic recycled aluminum enterprise, and the recycling company subordinate to Shangyu supply and marketing cooperative.
ORG is the absolute leader in the field of metal packaging. Zhou Yunjie, Chairman of ORG, said frankly, “we hope to strengthen resource integration, promote the combination of upstream, middle and downstream enterprises of metal packaging and promote the establishment of recycling system through ORG’s own advantages and resources in the metal industry.”
This is the original intention of ORG to advocate and establish a professional UBC recycling and green recycling alliance.
Youban Regeneration’s recycling project and professional UBC recycling and green recycling alliance are also the first “packaging recycling center” in China.
According to the industrial planning, “Youban regeneration” aims to connect consumers and recycling enterprises, recycle packaging materials and realize a complete closed loop of recycling sorting recycling reuse with the concept of recycling, so as to form a complete set of green environmental protection industry for the recycling and reuse of waste packaging materials.
The project was launched in October 2020 and is located in Shaoxing, Zhejiang, a national “waste free city” pilot.
At the end of April 2019, Shaoxing became a “11 + 5” waste free pilot city in China, taking on the important task of providing a model experience of “waste free city” for comprehensive cities in eastern developed regions that give consideration to three industries and focus on industry.
 “Waste free city” is an important goal of regional economic sustainable development; Landing in Shaoxing is also an examination paper for ORG’s own practice of “circular economy promoting green development”.
With the promotion of ORG Youban regeneration recycling project, the recycling and harmless of solid wastes in the field of metal packaging have completed the test of marketization in terms of technical path and economic benefits. This project is also an important model of “promoting the recycling of metal packaging, energy conservation and emission reduction, and creating a low-carbon, environmental friendly, energy-saving and friendly industrial ecology”.

Sustainable development requires the courage to take drastic measures

It is the responsibility of China’s economic development to open the exploration road of green circular alliance!
The “14th Five-year Plan for the Development of Urban Domestic Waste Classification and Treatment Facilities” and the “14th Five-year Plan for the Development of Circular Economy” have been issued successively, putting forward new requirements for the resource and low-carbon management of industrial development waste.
Based on this background, in many links of ORG industrial chain, supply chain and value chain, Chairman Zhou Yunjie has made clearer guidance on the future planning and direction of Youban regeneration.
 “Youban Regeneration is not only based on the recycling industry, but also an important start in the sustainable development strategy of metal packaging economy,” Zhou Yunjie pointed out.
He asked youban regeneration to have a long-term vision and layout in its operation and planning, always keep in mind the social value of metal resource recycling, and strive to make professional UBC recycling work towards the future development direction of the whole scene and the whole industrial chain. Moreover, in the field of metal packaging recycling, we should realize the recycling from tank to cover and tank to tank, reduce resource waste and carbon emission, and do our best for sustainable economic development and green environmental protection.
At present, the recycling of metal packaging industry in China, most of the recycled products cannot be processed and utilized in the field of metal packaging, and most of them can only be degraded for use, which greatly reduces the resource utilization rate.
Domestic nonferrous metal resources are not rich enough and need to be imported to meet the needs of economic development. As a renewable resource, waste metal is mostly treated by degradation after recycling, which has not been fully utilized and has not been used “from tank to tank”.
From the experience of global developed markets, taking wise metal group as an example, UBC recycling can take into account economic benefits while practicing social benefits. Wise metal group is currently the largest single aluminum can material recycling plant in the world. It is the third largest aluminum can material manufacturer in the United States, accounting for 15% of the U.S. can material market.
To change this development situation, we obviously have to bear the “cost”.
Chairman Zhou Yunjie believes that (nevertheless) this is still the road of sustainable development of the metal packaging industry in the future, and the road of corporate development for ORG, as a leading metal packaging enterprise, to bear social responsibility.
With the technical breakthrough of ORG youban regeneration project, it will have a significant impact on waste management and social sustainable development in China’s metal packaging field in the future.

It is urgent to look into the future for sustainable development

Turning the traditional industrial organization into a closed-loop process with high resource efficiency and high environmental efficiency is the social responsibility that industry leaders should fulfill. 
In 2019, at the “aluminum packaging sustainable development summit forum” jointly held by Nanshan aluminum and Budweiser beer, Chairman Zhou Yunjie proposed to establish a “green cycle alliance”. 
From the proposal of “green cycle alliance” to the implementation of youban regeneration project, the preparation period is only one year.
It is urgent to practice the sustainable development of metal packaging. From another dimension, it is also urgent to find opportunities for the industry to look forward to the future.
Zhou Yunjie, chairman of the board of directors, initiated and established a professional UBC recycling and green recycling alliance, which is a circular economy road for recycling and reuse of metal packaging waste under the premise that ORG has focused on the field of metal cans for many years and deeply understood the industry environment in which China’s metal packaging waste has not been fully utilized after recycling.
By the time of inspection, after nearly one year of exploration and practice, youban regeneration had gradually entered the UBC recycling market and introduced advanced automatic sorting technology to reduce staff and increase efficiency.
Youban will start with Shaoxing and plan to steadily launch the investment promotion plan next year to radiate the surrounding areas and complete the planned regional growth.
In order to cover the whole society and involve the whole people, this project also needs more market participants to cooperate and symbiosis, cluster development, co construction and sharing and green cycle.