About Wang Yuan, the Future and a Can of Bread Called 024
What’s your name?
Wang Yuan
Are you ready?
Yes. Get ready to get lost, yaw, walk along the end of Orion and sing in the dark.
Is there anything else you want to confirm with me?
What is the shape of the universe? Can taste feel sweet when it is weightless?
What would you like to relax yourself?
Have a dessert, listen to some music
Have you ever thought about how many ways to open bread?
What is the shelf life?
No seal, maybe only 2 days
In a plastic bag, maybe only seven days
With the addition of preservatives, it may last up to 6 months
But is that what you want? A bread full of preservatives?
Or a bread with a shelf life of only 1-7 days?
Maybe Wang Yuan will give you new thoughts,
A new way to open bread about the future
Recently, Wang Yuan, who was on a business trip to outer space, only brought a can of bread with him
When the lonely aircraft floats in the universe far away
Fresh and soft sweetness will become a powerful force to overcome loneliness~
What kind of bread can cure the lonely Wang Yuan?
What kind of bread can remain unchanged for 3 months?
What kind of bread can represent the future lifestyle?
A can of bread full of a sense of the future!
A can of bread that changes your lifestyle!
Bread or cans? Or canned bread?
Canned food is sterile, and no preservatives are needed
So is canned bread
Bread that is sealed and preserved after being baked in a pot at high temperature
An internal environment free of microorganisms and oxygen
The shelf life of bread was extended from a few common days to several 30 days
As for the taste
For raw materials with high oil content, the aging speed of starch will be greatly slowed down
Then it is combined with de-oxidation treatment and moisture absorption baking paper
A can of bread that is always fresh and soft was born~
024 cans of bread
Specially developed sealed canning technology
Even if there is no preservative, it will not change its crisp and soft taste
Cylindrical jar shape, full of space feeling
Accompany Wang Yuan
In weightless outer space, whether lost or yaw
Or walk along the end of Orion
Bring just the right softness and sweetness~
Imagine life in the future
When friends get together, they need to share delicious food
Hungry and in a hurry, you need soft filling for breakfast
Sweet comfort is needed when solitude spreads at midnight
Outdoor camping needs gentle care when hungry and cold
Portable and soft sweet taste anytime, anywhere
Kiss the taste buds on the tip of the tongue, write down happiness, fight sadness, resolve embarrassment and live calmly
It is Wang Yuan’s interesting snack and racket artifact
Solve hunger, lose loneliness, fashion toys and entertainment artifacts…
It is also the most fashionable new way to eat bread
A can that can be opened by hand is not only beer, but also bread
Open the tank and pour out, in addition to liquid, it may also be solid.
And the unique magic of canned everything
And all the advantages of sweetness, safety, compactness, lightness and convenience
It is also the key password to open more delicious food in the future
Seal up all kinds of missed delicacies with infinite cans
Bring a beautiful aftertaste of first love with a jar anytime and anywhere
Trend is not defined, life is infinite
A can of super time and space
And a fresh taste!
—————— Canned surprise ——————
A timeless metal can
Born in ORG with first-class metal can packaging production capacity
Based on ORG’s strong production and R & D capabilities
It not only has the ability to travel through time and space and keep fresh
It also has the production capacity to keep up with the rhythm of the trend and deliver orders at any time
Even: customization, CO branding, and more creative ways to play
Idea anytime, anywhere
It can be implemented one by one in fully trusted ORG
For example~
With beauty and connotation, 024 cans of bread can be transformed into entertainment artifact!
Combined with AR technology, you only need a mobile phone to scan the QR code of the tank body
You can achieve surprise interaction with brand spokesman Wang Yuan and get a wonderful digital experience!
Scanning at different times of the day will also get a digital experience of different contents~