ORG Chairman Zhou Yunjie Attended 2021 Packaging Industry Summit Forum

On December 13-15, the 40th Anniversary Celebration of China Packaging Industry and 2021 Packaging Industry Summit Forum were grandly held in Zhuzhou, Hunan. Leading companies from the domestic packaging industry, related industry associations and well-known scholars gathered to focus on the development strategy and future technologies of packaging industry, and discuss the new trend of the development of packaging industry. Zhou Yunjie, chairman of ORG Technology Co., Ltd., attended the forum and presented awards as the director of the China Packaging Union Metal Container Committee.


The history of China’s packaging industry from construction to development in the past 40 years was reviewed, 40 years of achievement and construction experience of packaging industry was summarized, and the status quo, industrial development strategy and future technology of China’s packaging industry were discussed in this forum. The conference showed a new trend in the development of packaging industry. Many leaders and professionals in the packaging industry, including Li Hua, Chairman of the Asian Packaging Federation and Chairman of the China Packaging Federation, delivered speeches.

The "Top 100 Packaging Companies in 2020" were announced at the site of the activity, and the "Top 100 Packaging Companies in 2020" and the top companies in various sub-industries were commended and awarded at the same time. ORG Technology was selected as the "Top 100 Packaging Companies in 2020", and the first company of the "Top 25 Companies in Metal Packaging Industry of 2020". ORG once again proved its unshakable industry status and power in metal packaging industry with honors.

Forty years struggling on the way of packing, marching towards a packaging powerhouse


China's packaging industry has experienced 40 years of ups and downs. By 2020, the companies of China's packaging industry exceeded 250,000, with about 10 million employed population and more than 2.5 trillion-yuan annual output value, and its global market share exceeding 20%. The total scale of the packaging industry of China has ranked among the world's major packaging countries.

ORG, established in 1994, has not only gone through the entire process of developing and being stronger of China’s packaging industry, but has also sold a small can for more than 10 billion yuan, becoming the undisputed number one in metal packaging industry. The development path of ORG can be a microcosm of the development of China's packaging industry. And now, China is on the way from a "major packaging nation" to a "powerful packaging nation", which must be accompanied by ORG's dedication.


Persisting in the "sustainable packaging strategy", ORG explores the road to green environmental protection


At this summit forum, Li Hua, Chairman of the Asian Packaging Federation and Chairman of the China Packaging Federation, pointed out in his speech: "Strengthen the research and design of green products, vigorously develop green material technology, green manufacturing technology, resource recycling technology, and establish green and low-carbon recycling application system to promote corporate social responsibility and product life-cycle green management.” China’s packaging industry must implement the concept of green development and take the development of green packaging as an important strategic direction to build an innovative and sustainable packaging powerhouse in an all-round way.

In adhering to a sustainable packaging strategy, ORG has always been practicing, in promoting the application of energy-saving and emission-reduction equipment and technologies in production process. The research and development of coated iron materials started in 2013. Compared with traditional metal cans, ORG's coated iron DRD products can reduce energy consumption by 68.89% and carbon dioxide emission by 69.95%, saving 100% of industrial water consumption, reducing solid waste by 99.7% and saving tin resources by 100%. ORG's achievements in green environmental protection and sustainable development strategy are worthy of its leading position in metal packaging industry.


The 40th Anniversary Celebration of China's Packaging Industry and 2021 Packaging Industry Summit Forum have just ended, and the dream of China to be a powerful packaging nation is beginning. ORG will help the sustainable development and green environmental protection cause of packaging industry with its spirit of continuous innovation, leading technology and more competitive products, and contribute its own strength to the building of a "powerful packaging nation"!