Work hard together to achieve new goals Congratulations on ORG winning the "enterprise" and "product" double excellent brand

On July 23, 2022, China Packaging Federation held an expert evaluation meeting on declaration of ORG Technology Co., Ltd. for China's excellent packaging brand--"ORG" corporate brand and excellent Chinese packaging brand--product brand of ORG coating iron.


The meeting was led by Han Xueshan (online), vice president of China Packaging Federation. Deputy Secretary General Wu Hongjun (offline) and Dr. Li Guang, vice president of School of light industry science and engineering of Tianjin University of science and technology served as the group leaders. Evaluation experts are composed of authoritative experts from enterprises and universities, for example, Yu Zhaohui, professor and doctoral advisor of Beijing Printing Institute; Yang Xin, founder of Green River; Xiao Li, head of Green River in Beijing; Yue Li, founder of Schen, also an expert of the top 500 enterprises in the world. The meeting was chaired by Zhang Yanni, deputy secretary general of the Planning Commission of China Federation of packaging. Many ORG executives attended the review meeting, such as Zhou Yuan, vice chairman; Chen Yufei, senior vice president and general manager of R & D center; Gao Shujun, vice president and secretary of the board of directors; Gong Jingwei, director of technical information and standardization office, etc.

Authoritative evaluation of professional team   ORG deserved the double excellent brand.


The meeting commenced with a welcome from Zhou Yuan, vice chairman of ORG. Thank China Packaging Federation and all experts for their visit and guidance. Then, Gao Shujun, vice president of ORG and Secretary of the board of directors, gave a detailed account of the development process of ORG to the expert group. He recalled that ORG had never forgotten the original intention and insisted on leading the brand for many years, and on he path of product innovation, we constantly strived for excellence. Next, Gong Jingwei, director of the technical information and standardization office, introduced the construction of the declared enterprise brand and product brand to the experts from the perspective of the "three products" strategy.


Finally, after on-site investigation, inquiry and discussion by experts, the evaluation experts agreed that: ORG Technology Co., Ltd and its self-developed coating iron products had met the requirements of the standard of "China Packaging excellent brand", and it was recommended that they would be recognized as "excellent brands of Chinese packaging".

After the recognition, experts gave ORG a lot of valuable opinions from the professional perspective in different professional fields such as new product research and development, intelligent packaging, recycling, enterprise development planning, international strategy and talent training. They also suggested that ORG should continue to strengthen brand strategic planning, further explore the international market, strengthen sustainable green development, enhance the international influence of the brand, and continue to maintain the development advantage of "double excellence".

Create new brand and new products  ORG works hard persistently without weariness


Founded in Wenchang, Hainan Province in 1994, after years of development, it has become a comprehensive packaging solution provider focusing on brand planning, packaging design and manufacturing, filling service and information-based auxiliary marketing.


In brand level, Since founded, it has determined the brand orientation of " Package famous brand, Famous brand packaging". In the 28 years of development, we have always unswervingly followed the path of brand building and high-quality development. The company focuses on the "three product strategy" and strives to increase varieties, improve quality and create brands. Under the strategic guidance of strong brand enterprises, guided by the market and driven by innovation, the company created a revenue of 13.9 billion yuan and a net profit of 905 million yuan attributable to shareholders of listed companies in 2021. The excellent brand in the industry is well deserved.

In product level, "OGS coating iron" is a green metal packaging material independently developed by ORG in 2007. The project lasted 7 years, with a total R & D investment of nearly 200 million yuan. In 2014, a pilot production line of coating iron of 50000 tons / year was built in Shangyu, Zhejiang, to realize the commercial operation of coating iron packaging products and fill the gap in domestic coating iron and its application technology .ORG's achievements in the field of coating iron technology have broken Japan's blockade on this technology. It marks that Chinese metal packaging enterprises represented by ORG have reached the international advanced level in materials and manufacturing technology, which is of great significance to China's metal packaging industry. So far, ORG coating iron technology has obtained more than 40 authorized patents, including 17 invention patents, one of which won the 17th China Patent Excellence Award, and led the formulation of relevant national standards of coating iron and coated aluminum for food containers.

The recognition of "ORG" enterprise brand and "OGS coating iron" product brand is an affirmation of ORG past achievements. In the future, ORG will take this as the driving force and rely on the advantages in technology research and development, intelligent manufacturing, brand promotion, diversified marketing and other fields, move from behind the scenes to the front of the brand. As a member of the leading enterprise of metal packaging, contribute to the construction of a powerful packaging country and the responsibility of giving play to the leading brand in the industry!