Speech by Chairman Zhou Yunjie at the "Golden Nest, Shared Dreams, United Passion: ORG-National Stadium Strategic Cooperation Press Conference"


Distinguished guests, partners, and friends from the media:

Good morning!

Today, I am delighted to join you all to witness the historic moment of ORG signing a strategic cooperation agreement with the National Stadium. On behalf of all our employees, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported our journey thus far.

The National Stadium, widely known as the Bird's Nest, is a symbol of sporting excellence globally. It has hosted numerous iconic events and stands as a testament to the pinnacle of athletic competition and a rich cultural heritage in sports.

Similarly, ORG has been actively engaging in the sports sector, notably through our collaboration with the French professional football club, AJ Auxerre. Especially, we are leveraging its esteemed youth training system to foster the sustainable development of football in China.

In the belief that a robust sports sector contributes to a stronger China, and a prosperous nation enhances its sports, we hold that sports encapsulate the dreams of national vigor and rejuvenation. Today marks a significant step forward, as ORG, alongside AJ Auxerre, forges a long-term collaboration with the National Stadium on youth football training, sporting events, and cultural exchanges.

The cooperation between ORG and the Bird's Nest, two entities renowned in their respective sectors, opens up thrilling prospects for the sports industry. We anticipate that this partnership will not only yield mutual benefits but will also generate innovative sports IPs and marketing opportunities, thereby revitalizing the industry.

Our commitment to co-creation, co-promotion, and shared success underscores our approach to this partnership with the National Stadium, reflecting our broader strategy of expanding our "Packaging +" initiative and building cross-industry collaborations.

Both ORG and the National Stadium are leaders in our fields, serving globally recognized clients and setting standards in our industries. Looking ahead, we aim to attract more eminent brands to collaborate at the Bird's Nest, creating a hub of excellence and opportunity.

I would like to express my appreciation once again to all our guests, partners, and media friends for your unwavering support. We approach this collaboration with the National Stadium with increased determination, enthusiasm, and a pragmatic focus, eager to achieve new milestones and contribute to China’s stature as a leading sports nation.

Thank you!