ORG cooperates with Yanzhiwu to burnish the Chinese packaging brand with ingenuity

On June 20, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between ORG and Yanzhiwu was held at Aozhong Ice-Sports Center in Xiedao, Beijing. The theme of this activity is "with ingenuity for the future". The two sides will reshape Chinese manufacturing with the focus of craftsmen, burnish Chinese brands, meet the people's needs for a better life, and help achieve the goal of high-quality development of manufacturing industry.

Both parties are the leading enterprises in their respective fields. ORG is a comprehensive packaging service provider focusing on brand planning, packaging design and manufacturing, filling services, information-based marketing and sports marketing services. The company was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in October 2012 as the first listed company in the metal packaging industry. Yanzhiwu, as a famous brand in the bird's nest industry, has been recognized by all fields with its diligent management and tireless efforts. It is also shown to the world as a name card of China.


At the signing ceremony, Zhou Yunjie, chairman of ORG Co., Ltd., said that, in recent years, under the background of actively exploring the transformation and upgrading of domestic traditional manufacturing industry, ORG adheres to the path of innovation driven sustainable development of the company, and further promotes the process of differentiated products and intelligent packaging. Through the establishment of new product R & D center, promotion of differentiated product R & D, and entry into the field of high-end metal packaging, we provide customers with "intelligent, differentiated and integrated" intelligent packaging services.


According to the data, in 2018, the differentiated products shipped of ORG reached more than 200 million cans, which had a good response in the market and repeatedly won a number of international and domestic innovation awards. "In the face of the new situation that differentiated packaging products bring to the whole packaging industry, ORG will continue to make efforts to lead the way in the development of differentiated products and explore new products." Said Zhou Yunjie.

With ingenuity to create high quality, quality reflected in the details. Zhou Yunjie believes that Yanzhiwu's continuous development and innovation in the bird's nest industry coincides with ORG's corporate philosophy, which has laid a solid foundation for the cooperation between the two sides. The times requires ingenuity, and both sides are the carriers of ingenuity.


Huang Jian, chairman of Yanzhiwu, said at the signing ceremony that quality is always the most basic and core driving force, while product packaging is a kind of touch, a connection with consumers. Only by reaching people's hearts and making choices can we decide the outcome by quality. Good products, to be responsible to the enterprises and consumers, should not only have good quality, but also have a good packaging.

For the strategic cooperation between the two sides, Huang Jian believes that Yanzhiwu can provide ORG with new ideas and breakthroughs in high-end food packaging. Similarly, ORG can also help Yanzhiwu create more refined, environmentally friendly and safe products and provide a better fire fighting experience.

Zhou Yunjie also believes that the signing of the contract will be the start of complementary advantages, information sharing, mutual benefit and win-win between the two sides. The two sides will strive to build a new platform and mechanism for cooperation and development, further deepen all-round cooperation and exchange in resource utilization, business integration, and whole process services, improve the level and quality of strategic coordination, enhance innovation ability, and achieve a new leap in strategic development.


According to the agreement, both parties will maintain a good cooperative relationship in brand planning, packaging design and manufacturing, information-based marketing, jointly maintain the cooperation results, enhance mutual trust, and jointly promote the comprehensive cooperation in many aspects, such as production layout, supply chain, technology research and development, customer resources, operation management, production equipment, quality control, cultural and sports exchanges, financial cooperation and training-sharing.

Adhere to the spirit of craftsman, never forget why you started, and you can accomplish your mission. In the new era, people’s expectations of the good life is rising day by day, and higher requirements are put forward for the spirit of craftsman itself. Beauty, as a emotional yearning of people, means the better products, more intimate services and more personalized functions.


In fact, in the face of the slowdown of global food and beverage growth, differentiated innovation is the constant development direction of the packaging industry. In mature markets such as Europe and the United States, personalized cans have sprung up, and new special cans have been pushed to the market. At the demand side of the domestic market, the young post-80s and post-90s help the consumption rise, and the consumption increases continuously. The high-end, high-quality and distinctive 0-differentiated packaging is gradually recognized by the market.

Yanzhiwu's bowl can just caters to the market demand of personalized consumption. It is understood that the design concept of Yanzhiwu One Nest is that, in Chinese culture, the bowl means the richness of life, and the bowl is round, so it has the meaning of family harmony and happiness. At the same time, the product combines with the packaging design to make it more aesthetic and cultural added value, to build a new height for the product brand, to enhance the feeling of warmth and happiness, and to attract consumers' attention to the product.

Material, can shape, cooperation and technology are the four innovative features of new products. Among them, taking the material as an example, the new product adopts metal packaging with coated iron as the material, and the metal packaging has the following four advantages: easy to recycle, even if it is discarded, it will not cause secondary pollution; there is no high-risk substances for food safety such as plasticizer; consumers are more willing to pay for the added value of goods due to the higher packaging strength and display effect; excellent barrier property, especially the transmittance of ultraviolet and oxygen is "0", and the shelf life is longer.


There was also a wonderful figure skating performance at the signing ceremony. In addition, reporters from China News Agency, China Securities Journal, Securities Times, Shanghai Securities Journal, Securities Daily, 21st Century Economic Report, China Times, Beijing TV, People's Daily, China Net, Sina Finance and Economics, Cailian Press and other news media gathered in the Aozhong Ice-sports Center, witnessing the important moment when ORG signed the contract with Yanzhiwu.