ORG Wins the Battle Against Epidemic Novel Coronavirus
ORG’s Chairman - Zhou Yunjie


With the upcoming 2020, an epidemic coronavirus pneumonia is plaguing China. Faced with the spread of the epidemic, ORG (002701.SZ), as the leading company in the metal packaging industry in China, has actively invested in aid to epidemic areas and its own epidemic prevention and control.

“In addition to making donations to Hubei’s severely affected areas within its means, the company internally learned from SARS practices to strictly prevent and control. At present, there has been no confirmed and suspected cases of coronavirus pneumonia in the entire group, including three factories in Hubei.” ORG Chairman Zhou Yunjie proudly said in an exclusive interview with the reporters of Talent.

Zhou Yunjie told reporter of “Talent” that ORG launched a donation operation as soon as the epidemic occurred, and decided to donate 1.5 million yuan to support Xianning and Ezhou in Hubei Province to fight against the coronavirus epidemic and donate 100,000 disposable medical masks to the first-line hospitals in Xianning. At present, the company has already donated 1 million yuan to support Xianning City and is still planning to donate another 500,000 yuan to support Ezhou City.

On February 18, ORG issued an announcement saying that in view of the development of the pneumonia epidemic and the conditions of the company’s production bases, the chairman was authorized to approve the special donation amount for coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control, totaling no more than 5 million yuan in total, with a period of one year.

As a domestic metal packaging leader, ORG has 30 manufacturing bases across the country, with production capacity in 17 provinces and cities including Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu, Hubei, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Fujian, Guangdong, Hainan, and Heilongjiang. In particular, it has three factories in Xianning and Ezhou, Hubei. The group has more than 30 units and more than 4,000 employees, so it is difficult for the company to protect all these employees from coronavirus.

From the two weeks before the Spring Festival holiday, the highest level of the ORG Group has incorporated protective systems and protective equipment into the highest routine decisions as equally important topics, and implemented them vigorously; the epidemic prevention and control has been taken as a task to grasp with unprecedented strength.

“In addition to deploying defenses in strict accordance with the requirements of local governments, ORG optimizes and actively prevents and controls according to the characteristics of the enterprise. Proper self-protection will not become a source of social infection, which is also an important contribution made by the enterprise to society.” Zhou Yunjie told reporter of “Talent”.

Facing the coordination of the industrial chain during the extraordinary period, ORG has adopted early warning, regular communication, and expanded services to adjust the contracts of hundreds of domestic and foreign suppliers and customers, and has also been recognized by the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain.

From within the group, between the company and its partners, ORG has formed a good atmosphere of concerted “battle against the coronavirus”, which has laid a good foundation for the final victory over the epidemic. Zhou Yunjie told “Talent” reporter that the company’s three factories in Xianning, Hubei and Ezhou are waiting for notice of resumption of work. The company has made sufficient preparations before February 14, to ensure the safety of employees on the one hand, and to implement the requirements of the government on the other hand; construction can be started at any time.

As a listed company, publicity determines the importance of public trust capital value. Zhou Yunjie said that with a high value of public trust capital as a support, it is easier for listed companies to find trusted partners and reasonable solutions when they face problems and difficulties. In addition, through reasonable handling before and after the crisis, the company can win more development opportunities for itself.

Zhou Yunjie told “Talent” reporter that whether it is facing employees, upstream and downstream partners, or the public, to form a sound judgment of the value of public trust capital, it is necessary for enterprises to persistently fulfill their social responsibilities. ORG has been working hard to build a good public trust capital value.

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