ORG Helps Campus Football to Start a New Journey by Introducing the World’s Advanced Youth Training System

Source: People’s Daily Online-Sports Channel

The introduction of the world’s advanced youth training system and international cooperation is an effective way to develop campus football. In this field, the French AJ Auxerre football club invested and operated by ORG provides new ideas for China’s football course. Established in 1905, AJ Auxerre Football Club is a well-known European “superior class” youth training team with outstanding results in the youth training sector. It not only brings development to the club, but also continuously inputs fresh power for French football.

In terms of the results, AJ Auxerre has trained well-known stars such as Cantona and Cisse, and has been repeatedly awarded for his youth training business. It was named the first place in French professional football training 8 times, and won the title of the best youth club in France 7 times. Its youth football team has won national championships many times, which proves their strength and advantage in the field of youth training.

Develop international cooperation

AJ Auxerre Bengbu Football Youth Training Base runs smoothly


AJ Auxerre Bengbu Football Youth Training Base is one of the best examples of cooperation between AJ Auxerre and Chinese football.

In September 2017, AJ Auxerre Football Club Chairman Francis Gruyere, Sports Director Sidrick Dory and ORG Representative Feng Xiaojing visited Shanghai, Hefei, Beijing and other places. Finally, considering the current situation of Chinese football development, they selected to locate the youth training center in Bengbu, Anhui. In November of the same year, the French AJ Auxerre Football Club Bengbu Football Youth Training Base was officially unveiled.

Later in 2018, AJ Auxerre deputy head coach Alan Fiad and pre-training director David Vandenbosch visited the cities of Anhui, Shanxi, Gansu, and Inner Mongolia. He exchanged and interacted with the local elementary and middle school football coaches and classmates on the development and training of campus football. At the same time, they also carried out on-site youth player selection activities for the AJ Auxerre China Bengbu Youth Training Base, and brought the outstanding young players to the AJ Auxerre Bengbu Youth Training Base for centralized training and learning. Among the selected young players, some of the most outstanding performers can also get the opportunity to go to France and train at the AJ Auxerre youth training headquarters.

After more than a year of preparation, AJ Auxerre China Bengbu Youth Training Base officially started training on May 4, 2019. At present, there are 20 players in the youth training base to hone their skills under the guidance of two French coaches and a Chinese coach. In addition, special fitness coaches and goalkeeper coaches in the base have also been in place.

This base not only provides a broader exchange platform for local athletes, it is also more oriented to young players across China. AJ Auxerre Football Club hopes to use this as a “starting point” to bring its 100 years of outstanding youth training experience to China, radiating to echelons of all ages, truly benefiting young football players and contributing to the Chinese football career.

Create a sample of youth training


Jointly establish Jinshan U-12 Men’s Football Elite Team with Shanghai Jinshan Sports Center

The cooperation between AJ Auxerre and Shanghai Jinshan Sports Center to build the Jinshan U-12 Men's Football Elite Team is another important practice for the international exchange of Chinese football youth training.

On May 21, 2019, the French AJ Auxerre Football Club and Shanghai Jinshan Sports Center held a press conference and announced the cooperation to jointly build the Jinshan U-12 Men’s Football Elite Team. In recent years, Jinshan’s football course has achieved great progress and development. In 2018, AJ Auxerre had a good cooperation with Jinshan Sports Center in the “Shanghai Jinshan Cup” event. A year later, the two sides decided to expand cooperation and work together to promote the development of Jinshan football to a higher level, and then make due contributions to the youth training on Chinese campus football.

Club president Francis Gruyere said that the French AJ Auxerre Football Club hopes that through communication and exchanges with the Jinshan Sports Center, AJ Auxerre will have a deeper understanding of Chinese football and can more accurately discover talented players.

At present, the young players of the Kingsoft U-12 elite team are being systematically trained under the guidance of the excellent coaches sent by the AJ Auxerre club.

Deepen the cooperation mode

Signed a “mutual elite football coach” cooperation agreement with the Shanghai Football Association


It is better to teach a man to fish than to give him fish. To develop Chinese football, it is necessary not only to cultivate outstanding players, but also to train excellent coaches. In view of this, AJ Auxerre and the Shanghai Football Association signed a cooperation agreement for the exchange of elite football coaches: The French AJ Auxerre Football Club will select senior coaches to serve as the Shanghai Football Association youth training echelon coach and youth training consultant. At the same time, the Shanghai Football Association will also select the elite coach Liu Jun to guide the full participation of the French AJ Auxerre football club first team, youth training team training, game guidance and management. 

This cooperative project of exchanging elite football coaches creates an opportunity for domestic coaches to have all-round exposure to French professional football and youth training system, which can continuously improve the level of domestic coaches’ practical guidance. At the same time, it will help the Shanghai Football Association to build a youth football system in a direct and effective manner through the introduction of youth coaches and youth director consultants of the AJ Auxerre Football Club.

The industry believes that the signing of this project marks the entry of AJ Auxerre’s cooperation in China into a new phase. This can put AJ Auxerre’s experience into practice in China in a more long-term and far-reaching way, help the healthy development of Chinese youth football, and promote the reform and progress of Chinese football.

Youth training is the core of the development of the French AJ Auxerre football club. AJ Auxerre believes that this is also the starting point for the future transformation of Chinese football. AJ Auxerre has always firmly believed in the power of Chinese football and believes that Chinese football should give full play to the advantages of sufficient human resources to allow as many young people as possible to contact football, and then use advanced youth training systems for training and screening to make geniuses stand out.

In response, Zhou Yunjie, Chairman of ORG, said: “I believe that with the help of the French AJ Auxerre Football Club, the Chinese football youth training will make great progress on the new journey!”