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In February 21st, Beijing Quanjude imitation food company held a news conference on Quanjude vacuum roast duck upgrade. The conference announced that starting from the beginning of December, anti-counterfeiting upgraded version of Quanjude vacuum roast duck new packaging starts selling, and the upgraded version of the packaging security point using two high-tech - " Unique and variable QR code" and "the 3rd of passive silicon-free chip RFID electronic tags" . The QR code-encoding service was provided by O.R.G Packaging Co., Ltd. and Gao Shujun, vice president of O.R.G Packaging Co., Ltd. attended the press conference.
From the 2nd to the 3rd of November, the "annual pot award" in 2016 was was presented at The Canmaker Summit in Lisbon, Portugal. O.R.G Packaging Co., Ltd. won three awards, Suwo peach milk shake beverage cans won silver award of three-piece beverage cans, Nongren peanut food cans received bronze award of three-piece food cans, Kangzhiwei hot pot sesame oil can won silver award of two-piece food cans.
On October 20th, Dongba Sports held the “2016 moving China, China’s Football Export Strategy Conference and the China football talent pool "genius youth" selection plan launching ceremony. At the press conference, Carsten Cramer, the chief operating officer of the Dongba Club, a famous German football club, issued a certificate of authorization for the club's official partner for youth training in China. Investors of sports - O.R.G Packaging Co., Ltd.and Dongba Sports have signed the "China-EU football youth training business strategic cooperation agreement ".
On October 17th, Alon Schlage, men's individual sabre  champion of the Rio olympic games and Raymond Fong, men's individual foil champion of the London olympic games, , visited the newly completed O.R.G Xianning production base accompanied by Zhou Yunjie, chairman of O.R.G Packaging Co., Ltd., and Zhao Yuhui, the senior vice president of company.
On September 25, the company was invited by the Minister of Industry of Cuba Salvador Pardo Cruz to participate in the talks between the Cuban Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China. During the period, Zhou Yuan, the vice chairman of the company, signed the cooperation framework agreement with the representative of the Hongkong O.R.G beiya Co., Ltd., and the representative of the Ministry of industry of Cuba. The two sides will set up a joint venture in Malie special zone to carry out the production and sale of aluminum cans. Origen became the first Chinese enterprise to invest in the Malie special zone.
On August 8th, Beijing YiQing Food Group held a brand creation celebration event for the 80th anniversary of the famous brand "Arctic Ocean" and the 110th anniversary of "YiLi". At the scene of the event, the Arctic Ocean announced the launch of the "pull ring scanning code Award" campaign to repay consumers' love and support from all sectors of society. O.R.G helped the “national soda” achieve modern marketing by “a can of one yard for one can”.
On July 13th, the press conference for O.R.G Boston Brown Bear strategic partnership and NHL future star David Pastrnak Asia broker exclusive agency signing ceremony was held in the Golden Hall of the Bird’s Nest.
On June 29, Zhou Yunjie, Chairman of O.R.G, led a visit to the central grain packaging of Hangzhou headquarters with the company’s president Shen Tao, senior vice president Zhao Yuhui, vice president Wang Dong, Dong Mi Gao Shujun, general manager of Supply Chain Management Center Zhang Liangde, etc.,COFCO packaging chairman Zhang Xin, Vice President Zhang Hao, Shi Yu and other senior executives accompanied the visit and introduced the business situation.
On June 27, O.R.G Packaging Co., Ltd. release an and raised 1.2 billion yuan to acquire 21.8% of the shares of Tianjin Kale Interactive Technology Co., Ltd., Le Dao Interactive Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kale Interactive Technology Co., Ltd., held its global strategic conference of the mobile online game "Dawn Dawn 2" and China's opening ceremony on June 28th.
On April 27-29, Cannex & Fillex exhibition was held at the Colorado convention center in Denver, USA. As a representative of China's metal packaging companies, O.R.G will send representatives to attend the Cannex & Fillex exhibition each year to obtain the latest information of the industry through exchanges with other countries in the world.
On March 9th, O.R.G Packaging Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with COFCO Packaging Shareholding Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of COFCO Corporation, and the two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in various fields and push the push the cooperation relationship to a new stage.
On January 23, O.R.G announced the launching of the NHL youth Boston winter camp, which is jointly built by the North American Hockey League(NHL)Boston brown bear team.