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In December 12th, O.R.G Packaging Co., Ltd won three annual awards of the President's Annual Meeting of the Chinese International Sports Investment and Financing (Sports IN) & sports BANK2017 awarding ceremony. In addition to "the best annual listed company" and "the best annual ice and snow sports operating agency ", Mr. Zhou Yunjie, the chairman of Origen, was unanimously elected by the committee as "the most influential business person of the year".  
At British local time 7:00 pm, October 24, 2017, the 2017 Global Cannery Summit sponsored by the magazine The Canmaker was held in Gleneagles, Scotland. The Canmaker magazine awarded the " Hall of Fame Special Contribution Award " to Ms. Guan Yuxiang, founder of O.R.G Packaging Co., Ltd. The annual canning award was also awarded at this summit. The SUSA cereal canister produced by the Co., Ltd has won the "gold medal of three beverage cans", which is the second time that O.R.G Packaging has won the metal packaging industry benchmark.  
On September 19, the Chairman of O.R.G Packaging Co., Ltd.,Zhou Yunjie, was invited to attend the “The Belt and Road” Media Cooperation Forum sponsored by the People's Daily and Gansu Provincial Party Committee,and delivered a keynote speech in "The Belt and Road" regional cooperation forum.  
On July 31st, O.R.G was identified by the organization of the China Packaging Federation as "China's excellent packaging brand".  
In July, Aozhong Ice-sports Club,the modern ice training base of O.R.G,was completed.  
After supporting Beijing Tongren Hospital's for free refracting surgery for 104 cataract patients in July 2016 at Huan County, a poor county in Qingyang,in July 2016 ,O.R.G Packaging Co., Ltd. sponsored the "Team training program for ophthalmology of county hospitals in Qingyang, Gansu" to give "brightness" to patients with impoverished eye diseases in the old revolutionary base areas.
On April 19th, the “Global Signature Award 2017”,the global food packaging design elite grand prix ,was held at the Hilton Shanghai Yuanyi Hotel, the winners are selected from 85 works from the world through the public selection of network platform and professional review of 23 top global food brands and internationally renowned design experts. The entry “China Respect” submitted by O.R.G Packaging Co., Ltd. was well received and praised by the judges and the public for its innovative combination of clever and distinctive design, powerful practical functions, and a combination of metal cans and plastic caps,and eventually won the flag function award.  
On April 14th, Ma Binyun, vice president of O.R.G Packaging Co., Ltd.,general manager of two pieces of jars BU,signed a cooperative framework agreement on the development and construction of the distributed photovoltaic power project with Liu qian,the vice president of GCL New Energy Holdings Co., Ltd.
On Mar.26th, the awarding event of thirty-seventh Beijing youth science and technology innovation competition was held in the auditorium of the yan qi lake campus of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. The Beijing youth science and technology innovation competition is a large scientific and technological activity with demonstrative significance, it aims to promote the flourishing development of teenagers' scientific and technological activities, train teenagers' innovative spirit and practical ability, and improve their scientific and technological qualities , encourage the emergence of outstanding talents. At the awarding ceremony, O.R.G Packaging Co., Ltd. issued a special award - O.R.G Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award, which encourages students to dreams and innovate constantly and work hard on the road of scientific exploration. the award encourages students to stick to their dreams and innovation, and strive to advance on the path of scientific exploration.