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From February 20 to 23, 2005, the company participated in the 10th Gulf Food Exhibition in Dubai;

From April 19 to April 23, 2005, Zhou Yunjie and Zhao Yuhui took part in the International Metal Packaging Exhibition held in Essen, Germany.

On November 12, 2005, Hubei Hua Bin Food Industrial Park celebrate a grand foundation laying ceremony at the new site of No. 88 factory, Hesheng Road, Xianning, Hubei Province. Hubei O.R.G Can Making Co., Ltd. was officially established.

From December 11 to 13, 2005, the Standing Committee of the China Packaging Federation and the Third Session of the Sixth Council were held in Hangzhou. In this proposal, the standing director added Guan Yuxiang as the vice president by, and Zhou Yunjie as standing director and chairman of the Metal Containers Committee.


In March 2004, both the Beijing O.R.G Xin Mei can making Co., Ltd and the Beijing O.R.G printing Polytron Technologies Inc both passed the ISO14001 environmental management system certification.

From October 16th to 27th, 2004, the 2004 China Outstanding Private Technology Enterprise and Entrepreneur Awarding Ceremony and the China Private Technology Industry Forum were held. Beijing O.R.G Xinmei can Making Co., Ltd. was selected as China's outstanding private technology company and Guan Yuxiang, chairman of the company, was named China's outstanding private technology entrepreneur.


In 2003, Sinkiang O.R.G. Can Co., Ltd. and Yangzhou O.R.G. Can Co., Ltd. were established in the west and east respectively;

In 2003, “O.R.G. Can and Canned Tuna Food Seminar” was launched by the  invited researchers from Dongwon Enterprise, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences and the members of O.R.G. Can Expert Committee.


In 2002, the company put forward the strategic policy of "promoting the development of the market of can making by entering the food processing industry, and promoting the development of the domestic market by entering the international market".


In 2001, the company formulated the three year plan for implementing the brand strategy, promoting the network plan and creating a brilliant enterprise again. 

In 2001, Linyi O.R.G metal printing& can making  Co., Ltd. was registered and established. It was formally put into operation in the same year, and began to convert from beverage cans to food cans, white cans and chestnut chicken cans and other food cans were produced that year.

In November 2001, the O.R.G can making expert committee was set up, and the annual O.R.G can making development strategy seminar was held annually.

In 2001, the experts of domestic chestnut food were invited to attend the " O.R.G Seminar on technology development of chestnut products ".