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In November 2019, ORG won the “2019 Top 100 Private Enterprises in Beijing” and “2019 Top 100 Socially Responsible Private Enterprises in Beijing”.
In October 2019, the two differentiated innovative cans designed by ORG (cannonball cans, fourth-generation bowl cans) won two awards at the Global Canning Enterprise Summit (“Silver Award for Three-piece Beverage Can” and “Silver Award for Two-piece Food Can”).
On September 30, 2019, Boer Asia Pacific’s packaging business-related company in China completed the industrial and commercial change registration.
In September 2019, the 9th member congress of the China Packaging Federation and the first session of the Ninth Council were held in Shanghai. Zhou Yunjie, Chairman of ORG, was elected as the vice chairman of the 9th Council of the China Packaging Federation.
In September 2019, Zhang Shaojun, Vice President of ORG, He Wenxi, Managing Director of Hubei Changjiang Industry Fund Company, Zhu Guohui, Director of Hubei Hongtai Group, and Xia Fuqing, Director of Xianning High-tech Zone’s Management Committee, signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement.
In September 2019, Zhou Yunjie, Chairman of ORG, participated in the 11th Nanshan Light Alloy Co., Ltd.’s customer roundtable conference and aluminum packaging sustainability summit in 2019.
On June 20, 2019, the ORG senior management team and the Yan Palance’s senior management team attended the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation of “Common Ingenuity, Shared Future” held at the Olympic Ice Rink.
In May 2019, ORG Chairman Zhou Yunjie was invited to participate in the SNK listing event.
In March 2019, ORG participated in the “Work Together to Alleviate Poverty” activity organized by the Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau. The project supported was the construction of the village committee of Dayuejiashan Village, Chenjiawa Township, Wei County.
In March 2019, ORG was invited to participate in a seminar on packaging company brand development reports.
In February 2019, Shaanxi ORG was awarded as “Outstanding Private Enterprise in Baoji City”, and Chairman Zhou Yuan was awarded as “the First Batch of Ten Leading Meritorious Persons in Baoji City”.