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On May 18, 2010, the Beijing Municipal Intellectual Property Office identified 333 enterprises and institutions, including Beijing O.R.G Xinmei Can-making Co., Ltd., as the Beijing patent pilot units;

From June 2 to June 4, 2010, the company participated in the 2010 China International Packaging Expo and achieved a great success.


From March 25 to 27, 2009, Zhou Yunjie and his party took part in the fifteenth Latin American metal packaging technology exhibition and proseminar,O.R.G participated in the "metal packaging technology exhibition- LANTINPOT",the exhibition tank type 0.14 "Waleng" dynamic drink cans won three beverage cans in this exhibition; 

On April 28th, 2009, Beijing O.R.G Xinmei Can-making Co., Ltd. was awarded the AAA credit evaluation certificate and medal by the China Packaging Federation,which is the full recognition and affirmation of Beijing Origen's credit level in the national packaging industry.

In the morning of September 10, 2009, the 2009 Beijing Outstanding Entrepreneur and Beijing Outstanding Entrepreneurship Entrepreneur (“Shuangyou”) Awarding Ceremony was held in the East Conference Hall of the Beijing Convention Center.The Beijing outstanding entrepreneurs and  the Beijing outstanding entrepreneurship entrepreneur (“Shuangyou”) awarding ceremony was held in the East Conference Hall of the Beijing Conference Center. Yan Yunjie, chairman of the Beijing Yanqi Economic Development Zone company, O.R.G Xinmei Can Making Co., Ltd., was named outstanding entrepreneurial entrepreneur;

From November 15th to 17th, 2009, the Asian Can Making Technology Exhibition was held in Bangkok, Thailand. The 5L party beer barrel developed by O.R.G won the best three-piece beverage can award again.

On December 1st, 2009, the results of the 6th "outstanding entrepreneurs prize of the Bauhinia Flower Cup", sponsored by Hong Kong Polytech University, were announced in Beijing, and there were 15 outstanding private entrepreneurs in the mainland, such as Guan Yuxiang, founder of O.R.G, and Mr. Yu Minhong, the chairman of the New Oriental Education and Technology Group Co., Ltd.


On May 22, 2008, Ms. Guan Yuxiang, the Chairman, donated RMB 500,000 to the disaster area through the Beijing Charity Association to help build a Hope Primary School;

On September 19, 2008, O.R.G signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Xinjiang Zhongji industrial Industrial Co., Ltd.


On April 26, 2007, 65 people of the company attended the "May 1" labor awarding ceremony at the International Conference Center in Huairou district.. Guan Yuxiang was one of the ten model workers in Huairou district.

From April 26 to May 3, 2007, Zhou Yunjie and Wei Qiong attended in the POTNEX exhibition in Las Vegas, USA. And they gave a speech on present situation and development of China can-making industry as a representative of the Chinese canning industry at the meeting. O.R.G and France's IMPRESS Group formally signed China's strategic cooperation protocol at POTNEX exhibition.


On January 11, 2006, Hainan O.R.G company was selected by the Hainan Provincial Federation of Industrial Economics as the “exclusive bloc of the Hainan industrial enterprise in 2005;

On March 8, 2006, Guan Yuxiang was named the “national march-eighth red-banner pacesetter in 2006”;

From October 23, 2006 to 30, Zhou Yunjie went to Paris to attend the SIAL Paris International Food Products Exhibition.

From November 8, 2006 to 10, the company held a workshop on the development strategy of Baosteel industry and Austrian O.R.G metal packaging in Sanya, Hainan, the meeting is crowned with complete success.

From December 23, 2006 to 28, Guan Yu Xiang and Zhou Yunjie were invited to Taiwan for business visit to Taiwan Unification Industrial Co., Ltd.